Robert Mugabe Withholds Drought Food Aid To Humble Revolters

The allegations of the politicization of food aid in rural areas by senior government officials and public servants lays bare accusations that have long been denied by President Robert Mugabe, BBC reports. 
As reported, Mugabe and his Zanu-PF are blocking drought food aid in other to humble those opposing his government. According to Zim’s human rights commission, those opposing the old leader of the country and his party were told to forget about getting any drought food aid.
Addressing media in Harare, Elasto Mugwadi the Chairperson of Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) asserted that the “ruling party members were the major perpetrators in violations linked to distribution of food.” Mugwadi lamented that a large number of Zimbabweans are desperately hungry because of the violations. 
BBC noted that it’ll be difficult for Uncle Bob to simply dismiss the allegations as the ZHRC findings were the product of an extensive investigations across the country. However, Mugabe’s government is yet to comment on the allegations.
It was in the second month of this year that Mugabe declared a state of disaster regarding scarcity of food in the country. Then, he articulated that his government would be burdened to provide food for four million Zimbabweans by January 2017. 
As such, the Southern Africa country made an earnest request for aid to local businesses and charity organization, asking for more than $1.5 billion aid which will help save about a quarter of the population from starving to death. Of late, series of protests have been organized against Mugabe’s government late payment of salaries, poor economic policies and corruption.
The government however, has found itself on a crossroad. The nation’s Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa disclosed that Mugabe’s government may not be able to keep paying government workers. “The outlook suggests government may not be able to meet its payroll obligations.” Their wages swallows 96.8 percent of government revenue in the first half of this year, Chinamasa revealed.

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