Liteboho Molise Is Thabo Twala’s 3rd Wife And She Doesn’t Know


Liteboho Molise and Thabo Twala pose in front of the camera.

Muvhango actress Liteboho Molise has found herself entangled in a bitter polygamous marriage courtesy of husband Thabo Twala, and she doesn’t even know it.

The actress, who merrily announced Mpumalanga businessman Thabo Twala in the media as the man who put a smile on her face, this week appeared to be in the dark about her husband’s polygamous disposition.

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We are made to believe that Twala’s first wife, Kate, recently asked Liteboho to leave her husband alone after the thespian paraded the tender tycoon to the media.

But Liteboho, whom Twala wedded and blessed with a Merc and a crib in one of the ritzy suburbs of Jozi, believes she is the only wife.

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