Junior de Rocka Buys Girlfriend Ntando Duma Gifts On Her Birthday

Junior de Rocka Girlfriend Ntando Duma

Ever since they admitted that they were an item to TMG Entertainment back in April, Ntando Duma and DJ Junior de Rocka have been more than open about their romance.

So when Ntando recently turned 21, her bae made sure to spoil her.

She posted a snap of a love note and gifts that he showered her with, but it was really his message that got our attention.

“I Hope this new chapter which is opening in your life comes with a lot of growth and maturity. You have been such a great and well behaved girlfriend and I hope that doesn’t change.”

He went on to elaborate about his love for her, saying that he will never leave her side.

“I love you and I will never leave your side,” the note read.

Sweet. Except for the “well behaved” bit.

Read the note below;

Junior de Rocka Buys Girlfriend Ntando Duma Gifts

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