Ntsiki Mazwai Fires Back At Simphiwe Dana

The ever controversy Ntsiki Mazwai has fired back at soulful singer Simphiwe Dana threatening her with legal action over damning social media posts.
On Wednesday, Dana released a statement in which she revealed that she will be taking ‘legal action’ against Mazwai over ‘false and defamatory’ tweets.
Dana is accusing Mazwai of suggesting in a series of tweets that she is an alcoholic and slept her way to the top.

In a statement released on her blog, below, Mazwai states that she did not mention any names in her tweets.

We would like to take the time to inform you that the reports by the media, of alleged comments made by Miss Ntsiki Mazwai, on Miss Simphiwe Dana are FALSE.
Miss Dana responded to tweets which she assumed were about her.
The tweets did not have a name on them as a result Miss Mazwai has no idea how Miss Dana came to this conclusion.
We kindly ask Miss Dana and her media associates to stop fabricating stories about Miss Mazwai in news reports….with her name on the reports, this DOES constitute as defamation.
Miss Mazwai tweets to over 50 000 people daily and cannot be held responsible for how her tweets get interpreted. She is currently working towards a Master Degree and cannot be distracted by petty distractions.
Miss Mazwai wishes Miss Dana well on her endeavours.

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