Nas Majeed

Nas Majeed, Love Island 2020 'Season 6' Contestant

Age: 23

From: London

Occupation: Sports science graduate and builder

Instagram: @nas_jm

Builder Nas is no stranger a bit of hard graft, but now he’s turning his attention to finding love. Let’s see what this 23-year-old Londoner is looking for in the villa.

Sure he’s got a show-stopping smile, but Nas is confident his personality measures up too. “I’m funny, always myself, caring and considerate. I’m a well-rounded person,” he says.

When it comes to dating, it’s fair to say his head might be turned. “In a relationship, I’m loyal. Dating is different. You’re not really completely attached to someone…”.

So, what is he looking for in a potential partner? “Someone cute and funny who can match my energy.” Hopefully our line-up will deliver.

Chat up lines are a big no-no for Nas, who prefers a more direct approach. “If I think you’re pretty, I’ll tell you you’re pretty. Or I’ll comment on your outfit, rather than a generic chat up line.”

His current crush is actress Naomi Scott, who plays Princess Jasmine in the Aladdin remake. Ladies, get ready for our very own Prince Ali.

He admits his worst habit is laughing in awkward situations. Well Nas, we’re sure you can expect a few of those in the villa.

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