Levy Mokgothu Being Kicked Out For Failing To Pay His Rent For Months

Levy Mokgothu boasts about his lavish lifestyle and his flashy cars on social media – but he doesn’t pay his rent!
His Mastand is threatening to throw him out at the end of the month.
Estate agent Daniella Valetti said the municipality disconnected electricity to the house and Levy allegedly had to turn to izinyoka to get connected.
“He is illegally squatting at the premises in Meyersig, Alberton, Ekurhuleni and he is refusing to answer calls or make arrangements to pay,” claimed the agent.
The owner of the property said when Levy signed a lease at the end of October last year she thought he would be a responsible man who wouldn’t give her problems.
“But he only paid rent for the first two months.
“Since January he has been making excuses when he is supposed to pay my agent,” she claimed.
Levy, who lives with his family, is supposed to pay
R10 500 every month.
The owner said in April she was shocked to learn Levy plays with pet snakes in the house.
The agent said Levy told her he doesn’t have a soccer contract.
“He is very vague. We make appointments with him but he never attends,” she claimed.
Levy admitted to Daily Sun he hasn’t paid rent for four months. He said he doesn’t take the agent’s calls because she swears at him and uses the F-word.
“She threatens that she will embarrass me because I’m a public figure,” he said.
Levy said the agent must come to the house and talk to him face-to-face.
“She is disrespectful. I respect her because she is a woman and I don’t reply to her swearing,” said Levy.

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