LandmarQ releases debut mixtape ‘Envy and Avarice’

LandmarQ Envy and Avarice mixtape

After a long hiatus from releasing music, Last Days Fam member, LandMarQ has finally released a mixtape titled ‘Envy and Avarice’.

This mixtape is LandMarQ’s debut solo music project after years of being releasing music with his born-again Christian hip-hop crew, Last Days Fam.

Envy and Avarice has a total of seven songs with some of them being sampled from already existing songs. LandmarQ has uploaded the mixtape on streaming services SoundCloud and Audiomack.

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Below is the ‘Envy and Avarice’ tracklist;

1. Water From An Ancient Well (Abdullah Ibrahim)

2. Wing$ (@ryanleslie @macklemore )

3. Misunderstood (Jota Rodriguez)

4. So Appalled (Originally by Kanye West)

5. Duppy Freestyle (Originally by Drake)

6. Future Classic (Kev Brown)

7. That White (Originally by Fat Joe))

You can listen LandmarQ’s mixtape below.

LandmarQ has in fact promised to release more music in the nearby future as he now aims to explore a solo career in music, and other than that, we hope that you enjoy listening to Envy and Avarice mixtape.