Kid X Leaves Cashtime Life And Maggz Is Next

It’s just been months since Nomuzi decided to stage her dramatic departure from Hip Hop music stable Cashtime Family.
And it seems Kid X waited for no grass to grow before following suit!
The rapper announced on Friday that he is no longer part of the record label. The shocking news, which he revealed on SABC’s Live Amp, have sparked rife speculation about the managerial culture at Cashtime, amongst other things. The label is co-owned by Mzansi Hip Hop dab hands K.O and Ma-E, who alongside Maggz, DJ Vigilante and Masandi – are now the only remaining artists in that fraternity.
The streets started talking shortly after Nomuzi left to pursue a ‘different creative direction’. But while there was word that Kid X had decided to leave Cashtime for greener pastures – where his career would get solid support – he denied these rumours vehemently.
However, as the knowers of these things would so often say – the truth has a way of coming out.
Fans have now taken to social media to ask the obvious questions. Not only are people curious what is really going on behind closed doors, but they have started wondering if Maggz will be next to file for divorce.

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