Julius Malema Attacks Malusi Gigaba: “If He Couldn’t Manage His Side-Chicks, How Could He Save The Liberation Movement”

The EFF leader has dismissed the proposed future ‘young leaders’ of the ANC as power hungry ‘blessers, hypocrites and Gupta appointees’.
EFF leader Julius Malema says if he had to vote for a leader between Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba and Minister of Sports and Recreation Fikile Mbalula, he’d choose Gigaba because “he knows what he stands for”, which is against the EFF.

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Both Gigaba and Mbalula have been punted over the past two weeks as the possible future leaders of an “ageing ANC”, since both might be able to bring a youthful vigour to the party to rejuvenate it.
During a press briefing in Alexandra, however, Malema said the ANC would be mistaken to believe Gigaba could save it. He laid into Gigaba’s alleged cheating scandal, saying if the home affairs minister could not manage his “side-chicks”, how could he save the liberation movement, which had now lost the country’s metros. He also alleged that Gigaba was a Gupta appointee, as allegedly were many other top ANC officials.
“If anyone hopes Malusi can rescue the ANC, then the ANC is hopeless. Their recent example is two women fighting over Malusi … a minister. And he has no control over them … both. If he can’t handle such a small thing, how can he handle a complex company called South Africa?”

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He was referring to the scandal in which Noma Gigaba publicly admitted that her husband had slept with New York-based fashion stylist Buhle Mkhize. The two women were embroiled in a nasty Instagram fight that started last year in October.
Malema also slated Mbalula, who he called a hypocrite, saying that all he’s concerned about is positions. The EFF leader said he wasn’t sure if Mbalula was a Gupta appointee, “but everything is possible … you never know”.
“Mbalula can do anything for position. People who prioritise position over everything else are very dangerous,” said Malema.
Following the results of the local government election where no political party got an outright majority, the EFF said it would not go into coalition with the DA, but would vote for the party, which he said was for “white racists”.

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“EFF will not go into coalition with any party but we’ll vote for DA in Tshwane, Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni and Nelson Mandela Mandela Bay,” said Malema.
Earlier on Wednesday, DA federal chairman James Selfe said coalitions could not happen with the radical EFF due to the persistent ideological differences between the two opposition parties.
“There are ideological differences that still persist between ourselves and the EFF. We are committed to a longer-term conversation with them, and we will have that conversation. But I think there are too many issues to get out of the way in the formation of a new municipal government. We will have a minority government situation in both Johannesburg and Tshwane where we will be dependent on the other parties for support on key votes and key issues. But I do think there’s enough in common with the other parties,” said Selfe during a radio interview at Cape Talk radio.
“I think their [EFF] agenda is a clear one, and they believe that land must be expropriated without compensation … the mines should be nationalised and so on…” I think there are some sticky issues may have caused friction in a possible coilition government, and I think that it is probably better that we remain respectfully distant from one another.”

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