Lalla Hirayama Reveals That Chris Nkosi Cheated On Her

Lalla Hirayama and Chris Nkosi

Lalla Hirayama and Chris Nkosi have broken up

Lalla Hirayama might just have revealed why she and Chris Nkosi broke up.

She hasn’t really spoken much about her break-up with Chris Nkosi.

The Vuzu presenter and her former lover called it quits last year, after being together for five years.

There were rumours that Chris had cheated on the TV personality, and it looks like she might have just confirmed that.

During Arye Kellman’s Ladies’ Round Table on CliffCentral, which featured Lalla, Ayanda Thabethe and Tamerine Jardine, the ladies spoke about how people perceive celebrities.

Lalla said: “I think it’s funny when people see a person in the media, someone who’s working in front of the camera, that they sleep on clouds at night, and like, sun rays shine from other places that…”

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Ayanda interupted: “Isn’t that what we sell them, though, Lalla?” She added: “To be honest, when we take photos it’s perfect… No one ever sees the realness, that’s what we give people.”

Tamerine then asked what happened to the Lalla and Chris Instagram account, to which Lalla replied: “He took it. He wasn’t interested. I was like ‘that’s the Instagram page that we share, I feel like maybe that should be mine. He was like ‘no, over my dead body’…”

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