Atandwa Kani Reveals More Secrets About Thembisa Mdoda

Atandwa Kani and Thembisa MdodaActor Atandwa Kani finally tells his side of the story regarding the events that transpired between him and Thembisa Mdoda.

He start’s off by saying: “This statement serves to give an honest, detailed account of the events.

With regards to the paternity allegations he says:

In 2014 rumours surfaced that she had been unfaithful. Once the media caught wind of this story, I decided, in order to protect the children and my family name, to deny the allegations and we threatened to sue the publication.

After the alleged domestic dispute, “She kept me from seeing the children for many months, which prompted my family and I to seek legal assistance from a family lawyer. After months of deliberation and a seemingly unending stalemate, in November 2015, she eventually agreed to take the paternity test.

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With regards to the domestic violence allegations he says:

In 2015, when the relationship with said man persisted and more rumours sprung that she had aborted this man’s baby, I decided to leave the relationship. During that confrontation, she slapped me across the face countless times and swore I would never see the children again. Soon after this incident, she told the papers that she had been in an abusive relationship, claiming to have been ‘black, blue and battered’, expressing to her family that I had deserted her and the children.

He ends off be saying:

I felt it necessary to clarify this information, as I wish to squash all public speculation and move on with my new life, leaving this chapter behind.

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