Atandwa Kani And Wife Fikile Mthwalo Troll His Ex ‘Thembisa Mdoda’

Atandwa Kani And Wife Fikile MthwaloWe were never ready for Atandwa Kani and wife, Fikile Mthwalo’s shade towards Thembisa Mdoda.

It all went down on Sunday evening, while viewers were watching Our Perfect Wedding.

The show was hosted by Jessica Nkosi, who is standing in for Thembisa Mdoda.

Atandwa was romantically involved with Thembisa, and, by the look of things, their breakup was a messy one.

The Ashes to Ashes actor suggested that he hadn’t watched the OPW ever since Thembisa took over as the presenter of the show.

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Not only did the actor express his excitement about being able to watch the show again, he also complemented Jessica. Fikile added that she missed watching OPW. The tweets went viral, obviously. Some people thought the shade was unnecessary, while others found it funny.

Atandwa Kani And Wife Fikile Mthwalo Troll Thembisa MdodaHowever, Atandwa doesn’t get what the big fuss is about. He asked why it’s such a big deal if he prefers Jessica’s presenting. Well, everybody has their preference, right?

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