Jooma Mize’s Profile on Idols SA Season 16

Jooma Mize Idols SA 2020 'Season 16' Top 16 Contestant

Hometown: Nelson Mandela Bay

Audition City: Pretoria

What artistic quality do you love most in yourself? My song writing skills, creativity and all-around vibe and style.

My South African celebrity crush is… (Tell us why) I’ve got quite a bucket of those… Probably Siya Khumalo, author of ‘You Have To Be Gay To Know God’.

If you could have an EPIC collab with any music star living or passed on, who would it be and why? There are quite a few. At the top of my head in SA right now, I can say Langa Mavuso, Nasty C, Afrotraction, Shekinah and Azana – they have such progressive sounds and I see myself as an artist that they wouldn’t mind pushing.

Which former Idols contestant inspires you the most? How come? I have one that stands out for me: Karabo from Season 11. Apart from his record-breaking voting stats in the season, I’m also fond of how he stayed true to his sound regardless of the theme, and that little comment about his, “dishwasher personality?” – LOL!

What’s your tagline or motto? I have two. Never feel entitled to win – always keep the hunger and the universe is always listening, your dreams are valid.

What inspires you? The first breath I take when I wake in the morning and people who thrive to make something out of nothing.


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