Photos: Somizi Buys His Daughter A Brand New Car

Somizi Mhlongo and daughter Bahumi MadisakwaneTalented choreographer Somizi Mhlongo has bought his daughter, Bahumi Madisakwane a brand new car.

The Idols South Africa judge posted a picture of his daughter inside a red car, which looked like a Chevrolet and showed her smiling uncontrollably.

Somizi then captioned the picture with a message that read: “Every parent’s proud moment. She deserves it“.

Bahumi is Somizi’s daughter with actress and businesswoman Palesa Madisakwane and she’s turning 21 in February.

When called for comment, Palesa said she didn’t want her daughter to be in the spotlight because she’s young and trying to navigate her way through life.

Somizi Mhlongo buys daughter Bahumi Madisakwane car“I don’t want people using the fact that her dad is a responsible dad to ridicule her.

“Every parent who can afford to buy their kids a car and make their life easy is truly a blessing. I was also bought a car in my 20s by my parents, white people always buy cars for their kids in their late teens. What’s the issue?” she said.

She said Bahumi deserves every good thing that’s coming her way as she’s been a good kid and going into her second year at varsity.

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“I knew Somizi would do it because he’s always been there for his daughter. I don’t think it’s fair that our daughter gets dragged in the media because of who her parents are,” Palesa added.

Somizi Mhlongo buys daughter Bahumi Madisakwane a car

On the left is the red Chevrolet Somizi bought for his daughter

Both Somizi Mhlongo and Bahumi Madisakwane were not available for comment.

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