Brandon Dhludhlu’s Profile on Idols SA Season 16

Brandon Dhludhlu Idols SA 2020 'Season 16' Top 16 Contestant

Hometown: Barberton

Audition City: Online – Durban

What artistic quality do you love most in yourself? My composition skills and storytelling.

My South African celebrity crush is… (Tell us why) Sha Sha. I love her so much because she’s beautiful. I love her lips and her smile and her voice.

If you could have an EPIC collab with any music star living or passed on, who would it be and why? DJ Ganyani, because production-wise he’s a beast. And I love the fact that he works with all artists from different backgrounds and cultures.

What’s your tagline or motto? It takes a lot of courage to get to the top, but without character you won’t last.

What inspires you? God inspires me because God is love, and I love, so love inspires me.


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