Zahara Debuts A New Look, She Hopes South Africa Likes It [Photos]


Recently Zahara has been flaunting her fresh and funky new look on social media and she has obviously had heads turning wherever she has been going to.

Comparing herself to a prophet- Zahara recently revealed to Sunday World that she dreamt about the hairstyle the night before she cut it.

“I dreamt about it and when I woke up‚ it was so strong that I called my sister at 6.30 in the morning to tell her I am cutting my hair‚ and I know how I want to cut it. I just hope that South Africa will accept my new look‚” she said.

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Ever since entering the spotlight Zahara has become accustomed to dealing with hate over her appearance‚ her life and even her music. But she tells us that even though she knew there would be mixed reactions to her new look‚ she didn’t care.

“There’s always haters but I don’t do things for the people. I did it for myself. I just felt like I trimmed up so nicely and I needed a fresh start.”

Zahara who grew up in an informal settlement in the Eastern Cape burst onto the music scene about five years ago and carved a place in the hearts of thousands of fans with her powerful voice.

But her rise to stardom has not been without challenges.

Week after week‚ Zahara and her family have had to deal with her pictures being splashed across newspapers‚ and have been plagued by rumours.

“You don’t understand. As a human being I get hurt and I do get worried but my strength comes from above. I have also come to understand that people get jealous over other peoples’ path but we need to understand that we all have our own paths‚” she adds.

Zahara also revealed that she conquers all challenges thrown in her path through prayer. It has been her guiding force throughout her life‚ even when she was just a child with no shoes in the Eastern Cape.

Zahara was just a girl with a dream who believed and trusted in God‚ she says. Tears rolled down Zahara’s eyes as she reflected on her humble beginnings and how far she’s come as an artist.

“There were times when I felt like ‘all my friends are in tertiary‚ they are good and I’m the only one who is poor‚ who doesn’t even have shoes.’ But then when I picked up my guitar and played‚ I felt like ‘you know what‚ it doesn’t matter‚ the timing of God is going to come.’“

As she struggled to fight back the tears which streamed down her face‚ Zahara says that she is beyond grateful for the path her career has taken.

“Today I feel like if I ever ask for anything I’d be greedy because my career has been blooming so much and this is why when I leave this earth I want to be remembered for someone who changed lives“.

This has been the inspiration behind her annual charity drive which is also in honour of her late brother during which Zahara donates guitars and music lessons to girls in rural communities.

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As for her career Zahara says that she will continue telling stories through her music and hopes that her songs will be remembered as classics.

“I know everything happens in God’s time and everything is his call. I’m here to tell a story and when my time is over the next generation will take over.”


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