Your Doctor Will Never Tell You This! Here’s What Happens When You Urinate Under The Shower

It is believed that there are two types of people: Those who urinate under the shower and those who lie that they don’t.
Here are some reasons why it is useful to urinate under the shower:
1. You are protecting the planet, literally
According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, peeing under the shower spares 27% of water flow as you don’t need to flush after urination.
2. Wound disinfection
You can disinfect a fresh cut or a wound with your own urine. It cleanses the wound, relaxes the spot and reduces the pain.
If the wound is serious, you should see a doctor.
3. Skin care
Urine is excellent for healing eczema and skin rashes. Urea can be found in many beauty skin products as an active ingredient. It balances the pH levels of the skin and it is also beneficial for people with sensitive and dry skin.
4. Destroys fungus
Urine solves the annoying fungus found on your feet. It is best to apply urine on the affected spot. The incredible results will appear after several days.

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