Black Coffee Slaps AKA’s Road Manager At The iRock Festival In Polokwane

Black Coffee slaps AKA's Road Manager

Black Coffee, AKA’s Road Manager and Sound Engineers talking on stage at the DSTV IROCK LIMPOPO.

AKA has been more famous with drama and stunts more than his music lately. He came into the industry as a rapper/musician but now he is popular for his dramatic twits and arrogance.

Apparently last night he didn’t perform at the DSTV IROCK LIMPOPO which is held annually at the Polokwane rugby field.

A source revealed to us that the most humble and respected Dj smacked AKA’s road manager. We still have a lot of unanswered questions such as “why would Black Coffee smack AKA’s manager”.

But if the manager is anything like his client ‘AKA‘ Mr baddest then Black Coffee should have maybe.

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The show still went on just fine even without AKA’s performance although his fans felt cheated and were very unhappy that he didn’t perform.

As usual AKA once again ran to twitter to rant about this. On one of his tweets he told his fans to seek answers as to why he didn’t perform from DSTV and Black Coffee.

AKA’s Road Manager, Black Coffee, sound engineers are seen talking, it didn’t look like much of an angry or disrespectful conversation.

Black Coffee is then seen slapping the Road manager to which the Road manager didn’t try fighting back instead he looked like he wanted to explain himself.

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