UDM MP ‘Nqabayomzi Kwankwa’ Dumps Wife For Side Chick

United Democratic Movement (UDM) member of parliament and chief whip Nqabayomzi Kwankwa has lost his wife’s respect as the king of his family’s castle after he allegedly dumped her and their child for a side chick.
The shocking details came after Kwankwa, 36, also the deputy general secretary of UDM, paraded his new squeeze in Drum magazine last month, claiming he was not married.


Kwankwa deliberately omitted to disclose that he dumped his family after his wife allegedly caught him cheating. His wife, 27, who cannot be named to protect the identity of their child, told Sunday World that Kwankwa left their family home in Montclair, Cape Town, two years ago.
She said Kwankwa disappeared after they had an argument over his consistent late coming and alleged cheating with another woman.
“He confirmed that he was cheating on me, but said it was with one of his four baby mamas, and after that he just left and never said anything. It’s been two years now.”
Kwankwa admitted that he was economic with the truth during the interview with the weekly magazine, saying it was an “oversight”. “I know I should have acknowledged her in the interview. It was an honest omission on my part,” he said.
However, even though he confirmed paying lobola to his wife’s family, Kwankwa still insisted that he was not married to her.
This, he said, was because “I started a process of lobola and I had not finished paying it”.
He said he moved out of his marital home because his relationship with his wife had reached its sell-by date.
“The relationship broke down completely because of a number of reasons, and I decided to move out and left her in the house. But because I’m a gentleman, I decided to go home and later opted to go to the parliamentary house.”
He said his wife was aware of the problems in their relationship and that he had moved on with his life.
“I wish she could do the same, unless if she wants us to do it officially and say bye-bye,” he said.
He also confirmed that he had six children with five different women, but said five of those kids came from his previous relationships which took place before he met his wife.
His wife said she was embarrassed and hurt by Kwankwa’s stunt of parading his new woman in the media because they were still married. “I asked him about what he said to the magazine, but he could not answer me. He only said that he will always love me.
“I realised that I’m waiting for nothing and that I have been wasting my time on a man who has decided to move on without alerting me. I have been celibate since the time he left, hoping that one day he will come back,” she said.
The woman alleged that Kwankwa was now living with his side chick at a state house in the parliamentary village. “He disrespected and embarrassed me because our neighbours, who are also spouses of parliamentarians, have alerted me about the girl’s movement in the village. They told me there was some girl who is all over the place acting like the house belonged to her.”
She said she had accepted all his other five children from different mothers as her own with the hope of keeping their family together.
“All his kids from different four mothers have visited our house and I have treated them with love and respect. I made compromises for him, but still that did not stop him from dumping his own family for a makhwapheni,” she said.


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