Tselane Tambo Being Kicked Out Of Rehab Soon For Failing To Pay

Paralysed and wheelchair-bound Tselane Tambo is set to be thrown out of a rehab centre in Limpopo after her brother Dali allegedly failed to raise funds for her treatment.
Tselane, who suffered a stroke and collapsed at a friend’s house in Alexandra almost two years ago, was languishing in Alon International rehab centre near Tzaneen, in Limpopo, where she is undergoing physio and speech therapy.
But her treatment might be cut short due to financial reasons.
Tselane, who is the daughter of former ANC president Oliver Reginald Tambo, was almost kicked out of the centre last year due to financial constraints but was rescued by an unknown Samaritan who donated swags of lucre for the treatment.
Dali could not be reached for comment at the time of going to press. His wife Rachel answered his phone and said she would ask him to revert with a comment but he had not done so by then.
Alon International administrator Joshua Pinel confirmed Tselane was one of their patients, and that the board will soon decide her fate as her funds were depleted.
“We have been with her for almost two years now. She is undergoing speech and physiotherapy and she has improved. Unfortunately her funds are depleted and there is nothing I can do. The board will have to decide what to do with her. We are not giving her luxury food, but just ordinary food,” he said.
Two sources, who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals, said Tselane collapsed at a friend’s house.
She was rushed to the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital in Joburg where she was treated for a few days before being transferred to the Milpark Private Hospital at the behest of Dali.
“Dali felt that Charlotte Maxeke hospital had too many talkative people and ordered that she be removed because he didn’t want the media to catch the whiff of the matter,” said the deep throat.
The tipster said when she arrived at Milpark, Dali paid over R100000 for her admission as she did not have medical aid.
“He later took her to a rehab centre in Hyde Park,” said the mole.
The source said Dali later removed Tselane from the centre after its management complained that she threatened to expose them for ill-treating her.
The informant said Dali removed her from the centre and took her to Alon International, which was also known as Alon Farm.
“There are problems there as well. She often complains of ill-treatment by the staff and wants out of the place,” said the source.
Another source said Dali wanted to take her to a Northern Cape rehab centre but changed his mind because of the distance.
“I just learnt she might be forced to leave the place, not only because Dali can no longer afford to pay for her, but also because of her attitude towards the staff. She freaks out and yells at them sometimes and they are fed up with her,” said the source.
Pinel confirmed Tselane complained of ill-treatment.
“We have always been good to Tselane. I don’t know why she would say something like that. Our centre didn’t have the capacity to deal with her challenges but we tried our best and she has improved tremendously since she came here,” he said.
Pinel said Tselane’s funds ran dry late last year and their plea to Dali to rescue her fell on deaf ears.
“We were told that funds would come from other people but nothing happened.
“Eventually a prominent person, whose name I would not reveal, deposited the cash but now there is nothing left,” he said.
Pinel confirmed Tselane was admitted at Milpark and Charlotte Maxeke hospitals and later to a rehab centre in Hyde Park.
“We heard she was not happy with the services at that hospital, that is why she was taken to a private hospital. And when she felt better she was taken to a centre somewhere in Johannesburg and, later, here,” he said.
Pinel said he did not know what induced her stress but alleged that she ignored her doctor’s advice to change her lifestyle, or else she would suffer a stroke.

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