Somizi And Euphonik Gang Up Against Bonang Matheba

A slew of Twitter users are accusing Euphonik of being a “bitter ex” following his comments he made about his ex Bonang Matheba.
This comes after Euphonik’s interview on Monday evening with Siyabonga Ngwekazi on Vuzu TV’s The Cover, where he opened up about his failed romance with Bonang.
Among many other things, the radio personality and DJ, once again, asserted that his ex is ‘crazy’. He has previously referred to her as ‘hlanyos,’ meaning ‘a crazy person’.
“I was with Bonang for seven years, and she’s gotten up to a lot of nonsense, and I’ve kept quiet about it,” he said.
“She is (crazy). In my opinion. Where I come from. From where I’m standing.”
Euphonik further revealed that he could easily have Bonang back if he wanted to.
“You cannot date someone for seven years and not know how to get them back.”
His comments were followed by a slew of backlash from Twitter users, including Ntsiki Mazwai, who accused him of being a “bitter ex”.

He sounded like that one bitter ex who never thought she’d ever be happy without him. #TheCover

— BoitumeLo Ranama (@itspruhdee) 19 September 2016

Euphonik is such a psychotic mess #TheCover

— Precious (@msttebe) 19 September 2016

What’s even worse is not being able to be vocal about it or speak out as a victim because the abuser claims to have “dirt” on you #Thecover

— Rebone Lefutswe (@ReboneLefutswe) 19 September 2016

You dont see anyone else bad mouthing their famous ex do you?

— Daughter Of The Soil (@ntsikimazwai) 20 September 2016

Guys….Bonang takes nice pictures but she is a fragile human being like all of us….and she has hurts n disappointments. Dont believe hype

— Daughter Of The Soil (@ntsikimazwai) 20 September 2016

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