Skhumba Apologises For Body-Shaming Topless Female Protesters


Comedian Skhumba has apologised for ridiculing topless Wits protesters saying that he was “misunderstood”. It comes after a petition was launched to have him removed from Kaya FM for his comments.

Twitter was left fuming after his comments went viral, leading to an online petition calling on Kaya FM to remove Skhumba from his radio slot for ‘body-shaming’ the female Wits students, who removed their tops and bras during the #FeesMustFall protests on Tuesday.
The petition amassed 3 000 signatures at the time of publishing this article, while social media users inundated Twitter to share their feelings on the situation.
In the wake of the social media storm, Skhumba took to Instagram to share a video apologising to all women in SA.
“I’m sorry to everyone that I’ve offended. No harm was meant on that video I respect women and again I’m really sorry from the bottom of my heart… I hope u find it in ur heart to forgive me,” Skhumba said.




An emotional Skhumba said that it was one of the worst things is to be “misunderstood”.
“The worst thing in life is to be misunderstood. I would like to say to all the women that were affected, I would really like apologise. If it sits wrong with you, I am really sorry and I hope we find a way forward from this,” he added.
On Tuesday the comedian shared a video of himself saying that he found it “distasteful” that women took off their bras on TV.
“Please don’t show your boobs. When a boob shows, it should like a tennis (ball). These females are showing hanging boobs that look like wet all-stars without shoe laces. Others have big tummies with silver stripes,” he said at the time.

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