REVEALED: ANC Offered EFF R1 Billion For Coalitions, But EFF Refused

ANC allegedly offered EFF R1 Billion for their support in the metros the ruling party failed to win by outright majority according to sources who were close to coalition negotiations.
“They made an offer for one billion but the EFF rejected it. The EFF is a revolutionary party and cannot be bought with few cents from the corrupt ANC. We are serious when we say we don’t want corruption,” said the source on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to talk to media.
On Wednesday Julius Malema told media that his party was not going to form coalition with any party because the parties were non committal on the conditions the EFF put on the table.
“We did meet with the ANC leadership led by Jeff Radebe but they were non-committal on our conditions,” said Malema. 
He also confirmed that there was no overarching coalition deal reached between the EFF and the DA because the EFF was not hungry for power at all costs. 
He said they would not allow themselves to come to power without a popular mandate from voters. 
“We know our place.” He said they would continue to “educate” the people on how the EFF’s policies would benefit them and why the EFF should therefore be brought to power with a popular mandate.

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