Rebecca Malope Opens Up About Her Miscarriage, She Says It Was Tough


Rebecca Malope has finally spoken about a very difficult time in her life.

Rebecca Malope has enjoyed a hugely successful career in the entertainment industry, growing a very big following in the gospel genre.

However, things have not always been rosy for the songstress because in 2004, Malope suffered a miscarriage.

The 47-year-old fell pregnant for the first time twelve years ago, but what should have been a joyous time ended in pain and sadness.

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Malope is not always keen to recall that difficult time in her life, but in an interview with Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral this week, she opened up.

“I felt really bad because, at that time, when your siblings have passed on and your mother has passed on, you feel alone. I needed someone, I needed a friend. That child would be my friend,” she told Cliff on live radio.

Rebecca also relived the conversation she had with her doctor.

“I remember running away from the hospital and saying ‘doctor you’re crazy, you not taking out my baby.’ ‘But you have to go to theatre now’, he said. I told him ‘No ways, you’re crazy’,” she added.

Despite that incredibly painful time, Rebecca has managed to move on and now has the blessing of children in her life.

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“I really felt bad. But after that I told myself ‘let me accept that I might not have one.’ But here I am, God has blessed me with beautiful children. My sister has left me with beautiful kids. God knew I would not have my own, so that’s why I have these ones.”

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