Pearl Thusi Opens Up On Why She Hates Bonang, She Says ‘Bonang Is A snake In The Grass’

Pearl ThusiRadio and Television personality Pearl Thusi has finally said something about how her beef with Bonang Matheba started and why she doesn’t like Trevor Noah.

On Monday in an interview with Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral Pearl spilled the tea.

Asked about how the Bonang beef started and if it has anything to do with DJ Zinhle, Pearl replies:

It’s a thing of when you find out the stuff somebody has been saying and doing to you without you even knowing. You know like ‘snake in the grass’ type of things. Where you’re like hawu I thought we were indifferent about each other or we were cool with each other. Because we were kind of cool like ‘hey what’s up’, hanging out in London together during the Pharrell thing and then break-ups happened and then you find out things from the people who should maybe have never told you those things about that person, and you’re like, ‘Wow! You’ve dogged me so hard!’ And then you have dogged a friend and then done this and this, Pearl explains.

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And then there are other things that have happened to other people, but some people are too afraid to come out and say ‘screw you for this’ and ‘screw you for that’. And I’m not afraid to do that. I’m not going to be bullied by someone who thinks they’re better than me or are going to put me down in order to make themselves look better.

On whether the well-documented beef with Bonang affected her relationship with AKA, Pearl responds by saying:

I think people like to take on beef of the people that they are dating. I think that’s what’s happened, because AKA and I don’t actually have a problem. I don’t have any issues with AKA. He is supporting his girl [Bonang] as it were and that means then being against me.

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