Ntando Duma Deeply In Love With Boyfriend Junior de Rocka

Ntando Duma and Boyfriend Junior de RockaIt’s pretty evident that television personality Ntando Duma and her boyfriend‚ Junior de Rocka are deeply in  love.

Just one look at their social media accounts‚ which are overflowing with loved-up snaps‚ and cute messages to each other is enough to make anyone jealous.

But Ntando’s latest heartfelt post her man has got to be the sweetest.

In a lengthy post the actress gushed with pride over her man’s achievements.

“Since we met‚ you have always challenged me to better myself and aspire for more. You had a dream‚you reached for it‚ and you got everything you wanted. You inspire me daily. And today‚ you’re launching your amazing work..showing me and the rest of the world that anything is possible‚” she said.

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Ntando added that she was confident all Junior’s dreams would become a reality.

“Your strength and ambition make you the man I love. You are an incredible man and I have no doubt that you’ll go on to huge success. You’re smart‚hard-working‚ and appreciative of every opportunity that comes your way. Anyone would be lucky to have you; I know I am‚” she said.

Ntando Duma and Boyfriend Junior de Rocka

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