Mpumelelo Bhulose Fired From ‘Greed and Desire’


It has been revealed that popular actor Mpumelelo Bhulose is rude and so full of himself that no producer can stand to work with him!

When Mpumelelo was axed by SABC1’s Uzalo, it was rumoured he got the chop for being rude.

And then he joined the Mzansi Magic series, Greed and Desire.

But not for long . . .

Sources close to the actor claimed he was fired for the same reasons that got him in trouble with the Uzalo producers.

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Sources close to the drama series claimed the actor has been fired by Greed and Desire for having a bad attitude.

One source alleged that Mpumelelo would sometimes come to work and be very difficult to work with.

The showbiz insider claimed: “Mpumelelo is a talented actor.

“He has it all: the looks and the talent.

“But I think those who tell him he’s good have turned him into something else.

“He doesn’t listen to anyone.

“He comes to work and is impossible to work with.”

A second source said Mpumelelo, who is said to be loved by women, was rude.

“Maybe he has some kind of problem.

“But whatever his problem is, it shouldn’t affect other people.

“He needs to change, or he’ll be jobless for a long time,” the mole said.

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Mzansi Magic’s spokesperson, Nondumiso Mabede, confirmed Mpumelelo is no longer with Greed and Desire.

She didn’t confirm or deny the allegations of rudeness made by our sources.

Nondumiso said: “He joined on the understanding that it would be a short-term contract.

“He’s no longer with Greed and Desire.

“But we’re looking forward to working with him on other productions.

“His talent and great audience appeal are both undeniable.”

When the SunTeam called Mpumelelo, he said: “Hhayi!”

He then hung up.

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