Meet The 10 Yr-Old Boy Who Grows His Hair For Cancer Patients, Free Of Charge

Kids like Thomas Moore are the ones who warm our hearts most with their non-judgment and non-prejudice love for all.
They’re the future of our world, and hopefully, we shape them all to be something like Thomas Moore.
Thomas Moore is a 10-year-old boy who decided to grow his hair out, and then cut it off, for kids with cancer.
He decided this after his mom had to explain to him why people with cancer sometimes lose their hair, and he clearly is a young man of his word.
Below, you can see that he did much more than ‘say’ those thoughts and decisions about his hair.
He followed through, far and beyond.
10-year-old Moore, before his hair became a long beautiful mane, saw his mom, Socue Soflien, watching Kyssi Andrews on Facebook.
Kyssi Andrews is a young girl who lost all of her hair due to chemotherapy treatments for her cancer diagnosis.
Thomas asked his mom why she lost her hair and she started to explain to him the process of chemo, and journey through cancer, and what they can both do to your body.
Thomas’s immediate reaction was saying that he was going to grow his hair long so that he could give it to Kyssi, and he did just that.
Here is not even the end result of all of his growing, he continued on after this and it became almost unmanageable according to his aunt!
In order to keep his hair in control, neat and clean, they put it into cornrows.
Still, just as handsome and selfless, he continues on with his journey to help others.
He kept growing his hair out until he finally thought it was enough to donate to those in need.
From short hair not leaving his head, to hair down past his shoulders, Thomas has proven that he can keep his word.
He did so much to make sure that this happened and that this hair was in great condition for whoever was going to get to use it, and his family probably did too.
I myself know that my hair is hard to manage, and it’s nowhere near as much as Thomas’.
Two entire years passed, and the day finally came that Thomas was ready to cut it off.
He had more than enough hair to help not one, but multiple people who lost their hair.
Unfortunately, the little girl that inspired him to do this amazing thing, has passed away.
But her legacy clearly lives on, and her inspiring Thomas, is a beautiful moment we can appreciate in her memory.
His amazing act of kindness has now gone viral, and a former NBA player, Derek Anderson decided to help give Thomas the real recognition he deserves. He is set to receive an ‘Act Of Kindness Award’ from the Stamina organization, run by Anderson.
He’ll be present, with his family, at Anderson’s gala on October 14th, and he will be given the award in front of everyone in attendance.
The transformation this adorable young boy went through for two entire years, in order to help others, is something that everyone can appreciate. He deserves this award coming to him, and much more.
If all kids were like Thomas Moore, the world might be a much simpler and happier place.
Source: little Things

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