Meet Lalla Hirayama’s New Boyfriend [Photos]

Lalla flaunts her new bae on Instagram. – And we love it! 
Earlier this year we learnt that TV personality, Lalla Hirayama was spotted around town with a new man by her side.

A source close to the star revealed, “She is so happy, when I see her she’s beaming! They are both utterly smitten!”

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But the star has been keeping her love life very private. Well, that was up until now! 
We did some digging, and this is what we found out: 
The couple celebrated Mark’s birthday together on Wednesday. “When I met you, I knew. Now we’re living so infinitely in the now that tomorrow wants to meet us early,” he wrote on Instagram, thanking Lalla for spending the special day with him.
Here are some more of their cute snaps together:

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