Makhadzi reacts to being pregnant with boyfriend Master KG’s child

Makhadzi Pregnant with boyfriend Master KG

Music sensation Makhadzi has come out to speak about her alleged pregnancy with her boyfriend Master KG.

It was claimed that Makhadzi was pregnant and expecting a child with producer and fellow musician Master KG who also happens to be her boyfriend.

The claim was made by Master KG in an April Fool’s day prank although many fans didn’t really understand that it was just a joke.

And now Makhadzi has taken to Twitter to make things clear by informing her fans that she is not pregnant, the star further stressed that her boyfriend was only making a prank when he posted that she was pregnant.

It all first started when a fan tweeted Makhadzi asking whether she was really pregnant. “Macadzi ur husband said u r preg 2weeks back”, the fan stated.

Makhadzi then replied with; “It was a prank for April’s fool day”.

And looking at the fan’s tweet, he even refered to Master KG as Makhadzi’s husband but the hitmaker didn’t respond to that.

So there you have it people, Makhadzi is not pregnant and she won’t be giving birth to Master KG’s baby anytime soon.

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