Liteboho Molise biography

Liteboho Molise is a South African actress and motivational speaker, she was born in Fokothi a place near Maseru in Lesotho but currently lives in Johannesburg.

Liteboho Molise biography1

She graduated from National University of Lesotho in 2011 with a degree in Political science and Public administration.

Liteboho first auditioned for the role of Carol Chabedi during the Muvhango audition in 2011 but didn’t succeed. She later landed a role as Teboho in 2012. She also features in SABC2 Sitcom Skwizas.

She had lived a fulfilling and quiet life as an actress till the scandal about her relationship and pregnancy for a businessman from Mpumalanga who already had 2 wives. This however, exposed her to much-unwanted attention from the media.

Litheboho has a daughter whom she gave birth to in 2015.

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