Jimmy Tau ‘Is My Father’ – Says Teenager


A 19-year old teenager whose is Majohonge Mahlalela is claiming to be the son of retired footballer Jimmy Tau.

Majohonge recently opened up to the Daily Sun that he does not mean to embarrass soccer player Jimmy Tau.

He said he has travelled a long way to have a relationship with Jimmy, who he claims is his father.

But Jimmy said he can’t be Majohonge’s father as he was 15 and living in Kimberley at the time of boy’s birth!

Majohonge said he grew up in Swaziland and was raised by his mum, Fikile Mahlalela.

He said when she fell pregnant, she was living in Soweto and was sent to live in Swaziland after her baby was born. After she died in 2005, his gogo took care of him until she died, when his mum’s sister took over.

“My aunt has also died and I have no one taking care of me,” he said.

Majohonge travelled to Soweto to his uncle Sicelo Mabuza’s house, but Sicelo doesn’t live there anymore. “The people there do not know where my uncle has moved.”

“My mum told me my father’s name was Jimmy Tau. When I asked to see him, she said it was not necessary as she gives me everything and showed me pictures of him.”

Retired soccer star Jimmy told Daily Sun he is aware of the allegations but has no interest in taking them up.

On social media he said: “My social accounts have been hacked. Someone pretends to be me asking people for money. The hacker created an account and spoke to a 19-year-old from Swaziland who says I’m his father.

“I want to state that I don’t know anything regarding both. I’ve been advised to open a case over both matters.”

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