J Molley’s manager says Flame’s girlfriend, Ashleigh Ogle is Communal

Flame and girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle

J Molley’s manager, Nav Albers also known as Nav Never Broke has revealed that Ashleigh Ogle who is also rapper Flame’s girlfriend is a girl for everyone.

This came after Flame teamed up with fellow rapper The Big Hash to put out a diss track titled ‘How To Kill A Dead Body’ directed at J Molley.

Now to begin with, The Big Hash and J Molley are currently embroiled in a rap beef that saw the former drop a verse a few days ago in which he directed shade at the latter. J Molley didn’t waste time as he also replied with a diss track that actually contained more heavier jabs directed to The Big Hash.

Hip Hop fans then quickly went crazy on social media especially on Twitter saying that J Molley had won this rap beef.

However on Monday night, The Big Hash and Flame released a J Molly diss track that was produced by 808x.

The song was specifically uploaded to SoundCloud and Flame actually just threw in a hook while The Big Hash did much of the dissing.

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But after seeing that his artist was loosing to The Big Hash, J Molley’s manager Nav Albers stepped in as a savior and instead went for Flame’s head.

Nav Albers who is also a music director took to Twitter where he shared a video clip which he claimed Flame’s girlfriend sent to him in person, he also stated that Flame’s girlfriend is also his (Nav’s) girlfriend. He also promised to share more videos that Ashleigh Ogle has been sending him.

Nav tweeted;

So @FlvmeSA got involved cause I told him that his girl is actually OUR girl. Funny Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy Bro I told you imma show you the rest of the videos she sent me in person why’s it weird now ?! Face with tears of joy

Watch the video below;


As if that wasn’t enough, Nav further shared a screenshot image of a WhatsApp message that Flame’s girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle sent him, in the message Ashleigh Ogle comments on Nav’s photo with a lovely compliment which states;

Your face is perfect.

Nav captioned the WhatsApp screenshot image with;

when I see you I promise you it’s gonna be VERY funny.

Check out the WhatsApp screenshot image below;


Nav wasn’t done yet, he proceeded and asked Flame to check his girlfriend’s Instagram so that he could see the direct messages she has been sending to J Molley.

He tweeted;

@FlvmeSA you can also go check her IG DM’s to J. You & her been about the crew that’s why you put @Kashcpt on your project too.


So Nav was basically implying that Flame’s girlfriend really does belong to the community, that she beds any guy who asks her out.

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The music director concluded by making it clear that Ashleigh Ogle is also his girlfriend and that he gets her whenever he wants.

He tweeted;

Not gonna argue with people Face with tears of joy if you know me & Ash you KNOW we BEEN having a thing whenever I want us to have a thing. People who are actually around us know.


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And considering all the receipts that J Molley’s manager has provided, we can now all agree that A-Reece was right when he warned Flame about this girl.

Below is a stunning photo of Flame’s girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle.

Flame's girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle
Flame’s girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle.

Flame has not yet responded to any of Nav’s tweets but the Twitter streets were busy making his name trend as they could not stop trolling him and his girlfriend.

So what started as a diss track to J Molley ended in tears and as a loss to Flame.

Will Flame respond to all these receipts? well lets wait and see if he has the guts to do so.


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