How To Buy A Used Car ‘Second Hand Vehicle’ In South Africa


Because new car prices sky-rocketing, the used car ‘second hand vehicle’ market in South Africa is booming as consumers look for cheaper options.

But you must think about a few important factors first if you choose to go for a second-hand vehicle.

Decide on a budget and what you need in a car. Be realistic about what you can afford. Think of your lifestyle and what you might need in safety features, interior space, comfort and fuel efficiency.

The ideal car to buy would be a demo model of six months to a year old, with 5 000 to 15 000 km on the clock.

Have options

Make a shortlist of vehicles that you want. Don’t set your heart on only one model. Look at and test drive at least three options.

Go to trustworthy dealerships

The best is to buy a car from a well known dealership. If you have any issues, you’ll have a better chance to get your car fixed.

You will also know that the car hasn’t been stolen and have access to a full service history.

Do your homework

Read up about the car you want to buy and chat to friends or colleagues with similar cars. Also, visit classified websites like Gumtree to get an idea of prices at different ages and mileage.

Investigate maintenance costs

A key factor in vehicle ownership is the price of a typical service. This is really important if the vehicle has no service or maintenance plan.

Some questions you need to ask:

– Why is the car being sold?

– What was the main use of the car by the previous owner?

– Was the car in an accident and if so, how serious was it?

– When last were the tyres replaced?

When you decide on your perfect used vehicle, you can get peace of mind by taking it to the AA for a multi-point check, technical inspection or safety check.

It’s also law for a second-hand vehicle to undergo a roadworthy test to ensure it meets safety standards.

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