Heavy-K Buys His Father A Brand New Mercedez Benz C200

Heavy-KHouse DJ Heavy-K has bought his father a brand new Mercedez Benz C200.

It’s always inspiring to see young successful people who are from very poor backgrounds make something of their lives and still take the time to appreciate the sacrifices made by their parents.

Heavy K just did exactly that by buying his dad a Mercedez Benz C200.

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Heavy-K Buys Father Mercedez Benz C200His social media post read;

“My old man in his first car ever after 18 years of riding a bicycle to work earning peanuts but he never backed down because he had a son to raise & that same son he raised got him a car!! Mercedez Benz C200. Happy for you Taima wish your soul mate was next to you but she’s with you spiritually”.

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