Heavy K Buys His Baby Mama A Car

Heavy K Buys Baby Mama A CarHeavy K has bought his baby Mama a brand new car, this shows that the DJ really appreciates the mother of his child.

Heavy K is one proud and happy father.

The popular DJ is even telling the world how much he appreciates the woman who gave him a son.

In a recent Instagram post, the talented DJ shared a picture of his baby mama, who’s standing in front of what looks like a new car. And, if the caption is anything to go by, Heavy K bought the ride.

The post, which has since disappeared from his timeline, read: “Thank you so much for giving birth to my beautiful son!! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been a father now!! I appreciate [you] and I always will Drumbae. No more Uber and cabs for you.”

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Heavy K Buys His Baby Mama A Car

This is the car Heavy K bought his baby Mama

Really some girls are lucky..

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