Father Injects Baby With HIV, What Happened Years Later Is Astonishing

Brryan Jackson from St. Louis, Missouri, came into this world and had a fate waiting for him that he had no control over. His father, Brian Stewart, attempted to kill him when he was just 11 months old by injecting him with HIV-contaminated blood in a horrendous attempt to avoid paying child support.
By the age of 5, Brryan had developed full blown AIDS. Shortly after developing the disease, it was believed his young body will not be able to handle this disease, and that he would have died a few months after. But he survived.
To help him live a life as full as possible with AIDS, Brryan was on an innumerable amount of medication. He was on so many medications, in fact, when he was a toddler the side effects of one of his many medications robbed him of 70 percent of his hearing.

To portray a sense of what he had to go through, at one point on his journey he was on 23 oral medications, two IV bags and three injections a day.

His father, who was a hospital technician, was convicted of first-degree assault and sentenced to life in prison on January 9, 1999.

In court, presiding Judge Ellsworth Cundiff, didn’t keep his thoughts of this man’s actions to himself in fact, he had this to say about Mr. Stewart:

“I believe when God finally calls you, you are going to burn in hell from here to eternity.”
What’s surprising, however, is that Brryan is now 24 years old but the AIDS virus is virtually undetectable.
“Anyone in my condition would die in three months, they gave me five,” Brryan told KPLR11.
“I went from 23 pills to just one pill a day and now I’m undetectable, my T-cell count has been up, giving me zero per cent chance of passing on the virus.”
The fact that he even lived past the age of 6, is a miracle in itself, on top of the fact that his body has basically fought off the virus, but what’s even more astonishing is that at the end of all of this, Brryan has forgiven his father.
Brryan credits his Christian faith for his positive attitude, and since his early teens, he has used his diagnosis to reach out to others; especially to children. He changed his first name from ‘Brian’ to ‘Brryan’ to separate himself from his father’s identity.
“I think there is salvation for everyone, and I find myself praying for his salvation,” he said of his decision to forgive his father.

Many of us need to learn from his strength and emotional wisdom. The amount of courage it must have taken Brryan to fully come to terms with forgiving his father for putting him through the most atrocious life experience ever. 

Source: KPLR11 & Agencies

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