Fans quickly dig up photos of Praise Nelson’s wife and kid after claiming he is single

Praise Nelson's wife

Within just a few hours after the launch of Big Brother Naija Lockdown ‘Season 5’, some fans are already digging into the lives of the fresh housemates set to rock Biggie’s house for the next ten weeks.

While on the live stage shortly before he entered the Big Brother house, 28-yearold Praise Nelson revealed to show Ebuka Obi-Uchendu that he is a single man, which has obviously had ladies on the lookout.

Well, his declaration might have made him subject to research from ladies who might have a thing or two for him and it’s in this vein that it’s been discovered that not only might he not be single, but he might also be a father.

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As the banter and reactions to the new housemates are currently flooding social media, a Twitter user took to their platform to share screenshots of Praise, with his wife and a kid that’s supposedly his just moments after he declared to the show’s anchor, Ebuka, that he’s single.

Check out more photos below;

Praise Nelson's wife shows off the engagement ring
Praise Nelson, his wife and child

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There however might be no cause for alarm just yet… well, not until like has been in the past, his lover here in the outside world comes out to call him out and throws a tantrum or something… we have our fingers crossed!

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