Evidence That Kanye West Copied Cassper Nyovest’s Floating Stage Idea


Our boy Cassper Nyovest was recently accused for stealing Kanye West’s floating stage idea but the evidence we have shows the opposite.

Well various American media sources accused Boity’s ex-boyfriend of being the one American superstar musician Kanye West was talking about when he accused someone of stealing his work. (He was referring to his floating stage idea that he used during a recent performance).

He said “This (is) the original, accept no imitations! You with the rap God, right now. N****s be copying our sh*t bro. Stealing our shit, stealing our stages. Copying our shit one-to-one,” Kanye told the crowd.”

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However, it appears that not only is Cassper not guilty of theft, Kanye West may be the ‘thief’ in the whole matter and we have evidence right here.

cassper-nyovest-kanye-west-floating-stage1Cassper had used the floating stage concept while performing at his Fill up the Dome concert in 2015, a full year before Kanye’s concert.


Although it has not been confirmed if any of the media sources that initially accused Cassper of stealing Kanye’s idea has apologized, this brings to the forefront issues of lack of respect for Africans.

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