Eugene And Doc Shebeleza Had A Fight At Mandoza’s Funeral

AS Mzansi laid Mandoza to rest, a squabble was said to be in full swing at Grace Bible Church!
Music industry greats Eugene Mthethwa and Doc Shebeleza allegedly had a verbal spat right in front of mourners.
But Eugene denies any spat and Doc said he was only trying to calm Eugene down.
The so-called spat was said to be about who had more input in Mandoza’s funeral preparations.
“They were at each other’s throats throughout the whole church service.
“It was so childish,” said a source.
Another witness said Eugene felt he was deliberately left out.
“It’s a pity they used Mandoza’s funeral to deal with it,” said the source.
Eugene dismissed the story and laughed out loud.
“Another journalist called me about this story and I can tell you no incident of this nature took place,” he said.
And Doc said he doesn’t want to be drawn into something that will reduce Mandoza’s funeral to a battlefield.
“I wasn’t part of that argument. All I did was try calm Eugene down.
“He was having issues with the programme and why kwaito artists and legends were sidelined.
“I reminded everyone we’re there to pay our last respects to our brother,” he said.
Mandoza family spokesperson, Muziwakhe Tshabalala, said they were not aware of the incident.
“We buried our brother with love and dignity and that’s all that matters,” he said.

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