DJ Zinhle Speaks About Revenge And Her Tattoos

DJ Zinhle TattoosWe’re loving the positive space DJ Zinhle is in right now. If you keep track of her social media accounts, then you’ll know that the local muso seems happier than she’s been in a while. In an interview with Arye Kellman on CliffCentral on Thursday, Zinhle revealed why.

DJ Zinhle spoke about revenge, success, and happiness in her interview with Kellman.

When questioned about her positive attitude on social media, she mentioned how she surrounds herself with positive people, admitting that she’s in a good place in her life. “I’m in the space where I know myself better than I’ve ever known myself. I think being a mother also helps.”

No time for revenge
In the interview, Zinhle also gave us her take on revenge, “If you are actively involved in taking revenge on someone it means you’re living your life for that person, because everything you do is inspired by them. I just feel like you’re a puppet for that person, because you’re just controlled by what they respond to.”

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Why roses?
The DJ also took some time to talk about the two rose tattoes she got, and their meaning. “This big one on my arm, I got it when I was going through the shittiest time of my life” she said, adding that it was about six months ago.

She continued: “When I got this tattoo it was so therapeutic, cause it was just like pain, but it just made sense. You know when you can make sense of pain? Because I couldn’t make sense of a lot of pain at the time, but when I had the tattoo, you know why you’re hurting.”

When questioned on why she chose to get roses, DJ Zinhle admitted that she saw an Instagram pic of a rose tattoo that she really liked, but also added: “But also for what I had gone through in my life, with the father of my child, it was just like, with everything that happened a rose is still a rose. So it made sense.”

Well, we’re happy that you’re happy, DJ Zinhle.

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