DJ Aldrin Segale Mogotsi Caught In Gay Hate Storm

Mzansi’s gay celebs have given popular DJ Aldrin Segale Mogotsi a kick on the backside for his “bigoted” Facebook post about gays.
Mogotsi, 47, a veteran of the airwaves who is now with private station North West FM, wrote a curious post on Friday in which he said, among other things, that he hoped one of his sons was not gay.
The DJ, who is Zindzi Mandela’s ex boyfriend, also spoke about his experiences and feelings about being a grandfather in the post that attracted a litany of different views.
His post read: “I always think of and miss all my children especially because I raised the 3 as a single parent despite their mothers’ interference. I basically have 4 first-borns, two ladies and 2 boys. I’m worried about the boys. They both celebrate their birthdays in August. Keabetswe Lushaba is in Mamelodi with his mom. He is around 16 years old (I hope he is not gay or into nyaope). I wish I had a better relationship with him but his mom remains stubborn. I Love and miss you son.
“My eldest son Teekay Molefe-mogotsi is smart, intelligent, humble and well-travelled but unlike his dad not streetwise. He always stands out in a crowd and looks too different and an easy target for thugs. He has been mugged a few times and I got the blame. He is turning 20 in 2days time. I just wish he had that street knowledge to protect him.
“Happy birthday Thotloetso Kutloano Mogotsi. Daddy loves you stay.respectful and kind. I Love all my kids (All first-borns to their mothers). The girls Thatohatsi 25 and Kgothatso 22 have made me an initially very angry, but now a proud grand father. I love family. They are my reason for living.”
Mogotsi told Sunday World yesterday that he did not see anything wrong with his post.
“No I don’t hate gays. I have many gay friends. I’m not homophobic. I respect everyone’s choice. I have appointed and assisted a lot of gay people in almost 30 years of my career. Some are still grateful. I also have my family that is gay and I love them,” he said.
But TV presenter Bujy Bikwa was not amused and had strong words for Mogotsi. “He must f**k off. He is not God or anything. He failed to have a stable family because he is not man enough and blames his baby mamas. I know gay men who have raised a village and never made excuses of their sexuality. We are human and most of all God loves us effortlessly. He must sit down,” said an irate Bujy.
Actor Aaron Moloisi said: “Any celebrity that utters such public statements is irresponsible. I feel sorry for his family and his son because if any hate crime happens, he would have contributed [to it]. It’s irresponsible and sad that someone who has a public status could say such things.”
Gay singer Amstel Makwane said: “I’m so disappointed that someone who has so much access to a large audience can speak about gays like that. I lost respect for him. This makes me realise that the reason some of our songs are not being played on some stations is because of people like him.”
Jabu Pereira of gay rights NGO Iranti also weighed in on the matter. “The role of every parent is to support their children irrespective of their sexual orientation. Putting sexual orientation and a drug user on par is appalling.
“He needs to be a better role model and apologise for this inciteful and ignorant post.”
The DJ dismissed one of his Facebook friends who commented on his post. “Kana (by the way) who are you and do we know each other? When I post on Facebook, I post for my friends who are very open-minded. I suggest you stick to your friends at your level,” wrote Mogotsi.
The battle-scarred radio man has worked for Metro FM, Kaya FM, Motsweding and Alex FM among others. He is also a sangoma.

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