Basetsana Kumalo Reveals Her Weight Loss Secrets

Basetsana Kumalo Weight Loss

Basetsana Kumalo has finally revealed her weight loss secrets

Basetsana Kumalo has opened up about how she lost weight following claims last week that she was the victim of “botched liposuction”.

Working out, eating right – and not liposuction – helped Basetsana achieve her amazing weight loss

Drum magazine’s latest issue features a story about the former Miss South Africa’s liposuction gone wrong.

The publication claimed that Basetsana had to undergo emergency surgery recently following complications with liposuction.

The 42-year-old was allegedly rushed to hospital after suffering internal bleeding.

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Bassie, as she is also known, denied all claims in the magazine, and has threatened to sue.

Speaking to the Sunday World, Basetsana said the publication must think she is a superwoman to be able to undergo lipo.

“They think that in between doing physio three times a week, learning to walk through the pain of a broken ankle, organising and hosting my kids’ parties two weeks in a row, that I would have time to quickly go for liposuction last week, then go to court at midnight on Thursday to interdict them, attend an SABC3 workshop on Friday morning and still put in a full day’s work in the afternoon,” she told the Sunday World.

Basetsana’s weight loss journey has inspired many South Africans. She is adamant that liposuction is not one of her weight loss secrets.

“I have always been an advocate for losing weight naturally and prefer making healthy lifestyle choices. I have not had any liposuction before.”

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So how did Bassie lose all her weight? She says her fitness consultant Steve Mululu put her on a proper eating plan and even got her to try boxing.

“The results were remarkable, and in less than 12 months, I had reached my goal weight – and thoroughly enjoyed my workouts with my boxing trainer, Takalani Kwinda,” Kumalo says.

Despite threats of litigation, Drum says it is sticking by its story.

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