Babes Wodumo’s Wololo Music Video Back On YouTube


Babes Wodumo’s hit song Wololo was temporarily removed from YouTube on Friday!

Within three months of its release, Wololo had 2,4 million views on the website, the most any Mzansi artist has ever reached.

The song was apparently removed from the video sharing website after Babes was accused of copyright misconduct.

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The claims were made by record company Mausay Media as their Kenyan artist Wyzle has a song by the same name, which has only had 38 000 views.

Cobus Burger of Mausay Media told the SunTeam they decided to ask YouTube to put Babe’s video back up after receiving backlash from her fans on social media.

“I don’t want my artists to be attacked by any more of her fans. That’s the only reason the video is back up.

“Her record label has still not spoken to me although I have sent them messages on social media and called their booking number.”

Cobus claimed he didn’t know Babes or her song existed until last month. He said her label, West Inc Records, should have asked for permission to use the name as Wyzle’s song was released in December.

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He said the word is originally from Kenya and is used to express shock in a language called Luo.

Victor Dlokolo, West Inc Records label manager, said he hasn’t received any communication from Cobus.

“They must enjoy the free publicity. We have achieved what we were looking for. We are very happy with the 2,4 million views on YouTube, which is a stamp of approval and shows we’re on the right track.”

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