September 28, 2016

Ntsiki Mazwai Rubbishes #PearlThusiDay

Looks like not everyone is in a celebratory mood over Pearl Thusi’s Quantico debut. Controversial poet Ntsiki Mazwai has aired her feelings on Twitter about the #PearlThusiDay hashtag, questioning why people are not celebrating Winnie Mandela instead. 

The SA debut of Pearl Thusi on Quantico just so happened to coincide with the 80th birthday of struggle veteran Winnie Mandela.

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And while most people are giving all their love and attention to Pearl, Ntsiki Mazwai wants to know why #WinnieMandelaDay is not trending. 

“kinda sad that this is trending instead of #WinnieMandelaDay.. looks like SA really adores and feels validated by America #PearlThusiDay,” the artist tweeted. 
Ntsiki went on to make her point in a slew of tweets, explaining that Pearl Thusi’s achievement cannot be compared to those of Winnie Mandela.
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September 27, 2016

‘A New Mandoza’ Is Coming Soon

Kwaito heavyweight Mandoza may have lost his life, but the man who brought life into his music is preparing to unleash his successor.

Veteran and internationally famed producer Gabi Le Roux is believed to be putting final touches on the songs of some upcoming musicians, and among them, is a young man understood to “have the same touches as Mandoza”.

Mandoza succumbed to a long battle with cancer last week, news that released shockwaves across the world, with even international media platforms running special tributes.

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Sources close to Kaleido Media, the multimedia and record label owned by Le Roux, confirmed to DRUM that “all was in order” for the album of the “new Mandoza.”

“It’s a done deal,” said a Johannesburg-based club DJ asking to remain anonymous to protect his relationship with Le Roux. “Gabi himself is very excited about this kid. He was telling us last week when he was in Johannesburg that he can’t wait to unleash him.”

Another source, a radio presenter, told DRUM that the 60-year old multi award-winning producer was “can’t wait” to introduce a new Mandoza.

“Look, Gabi’s biggest talent is to spot talent. Remember, it took him just a few minutes to know that Mandoza was the real deal. I heard about this kid he’s busy grooming behind the scenes,” said the radio host.

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It is also understood that with his new protégé, Le Roux will use a similar but updated rhythm he applied on Mandoza’s songs.

“I’m told the boy is talented, just like Mandoza. Apparently he sounds like him, which will suit Gabi well,” said another musician.

When contacted by DRUM, Le Roux, who relocated from Joburg to Cape Town in 1994, became evasive.

“I’m not confirming anything at this stage because there are a lot of artists I work with. I have a new project named Oktipus, ran by young people I work with and we sign artists from mainly rural places,” he said.

He added, “Shortly before he died, Mandoza launched a record label called Nkalakatha Records and his wife Mpho will run it, so I will be working closely with her.”

Pressed further about the new artist earmarked to take over Mandoza and believed to be from Cape Town, Le Roux said. “All I can say is that Cape Town is full of talent. Did you know that I produced Chiskop and Mandoza’s songs from here? All of their songs.”

DRUM also understands that Le Roux has just signed a new female kwaito sensation named Nomtha Wa Kwaito, touted to compete with Durban’s Babes Wodumo.

“Nomtha is talented enough on her own but I won’t rush her. People are already making noise about her but I’m scared she might be overwhelmed by pressure,” said Le Roux. “I have another artist Andrei Damane whose father is Dutch and mom is Xhosa-speaking. I’m also working on releasing Msai, the guy who performed with Mandoza at the SABC concert.”

Thembisa Mdoda Opens Up About Relationship With Atandwa Kani

The TV presenter believes that she and her ex were not ready for marriage. 

A lot has been said about Thembisa Mdoda and Atandwa Kani's relationship. The former couple's business was splashed all over the media after their nasty breakup. Things got even worse when Atandwa claimed that the children he had been raising with Thembisa are not his.

The Our Perfect Wedding host has been quite on all these claims and fans have waited for her to share her side of the story.

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That's exactly what she did on VUZU's The Cover on Monday evening. In an interview with Siyabonga "Scoop" Ngwekazi, the mother of two revealed that they met at Wits University, and were on/off for 12 years. 

She then explained that she was with someone that she loved. 

"Do you know what it is about my ex-husband? And I'm gonna say it now so that there's no mix-up... I was with someone I loved, it ended." 

Thembisa made it clear that she refuses to talk about him.

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"The one thing that I refuse to do is give a man who did that to the children air time... because it doesn't matter what you're going through as a human being, you need to strengthen yourself and be considerate of the children and see this in their benefit'... I've got nothing to say about him. He's happy, I'm happy." 

She said the reason she has no words for the actor is because of the way he handled things.  

She also explained that she doesn't think they were ready to be married. "I don't think he and I were at a point in our lives as two individuals, to be in a marriage. We were young... and there were so many things that come into marriage and this industry, that I don't think we were ready to handle," Thembisa said. 

She added that she realised within that marriage that that was not the life for her.  

Thembisa is now in a happy relationship. Speaking about her man, she said: "I truly believe that God gave me this man..."

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Robert Marawa Shows Girlfriend Pearl Thusi Some Love

Robert Marawa sent Pearl Thusi a heartfelt message from back home. 

The whole of Mzansi was celebrating #PearlThusiDay on Sunday, and Robert Mawara also celebrated his rumoured bae's achievement with a very special message. 

"You wanted this. You worked damn hard for this. You sacrificed for this. You've been given this. Take this. It's yours. The world gets to celebrate you tonight," he wrote on Instagram.

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We just love how these two support and love each other. #CoupleGoals

Below is Marawa's lovely Instagram post:

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Babes Wodumo And Lover Mampintsha Are ‘Scared Of Flying’

THEY say birds of a feather flock together!

This is the case for West Ink boss Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo and Bongekile “Babes Wodumo” Simelane.

Mampintsha, who is a member of the award-winning kwaito group, Big Nuz, allegedly has a fear of flying.

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New kid on the block, Babes Wodumo, is rumoured to suffer from the same phobia.

A source claimed: “Babes is scared of flying. If you book her in East London, Joburg and Durban in one weekend, she chooses gigs she’ll be able to drive to.

“She suffers from the same phobia as her boss.

“It can’t be good for her since she’s not making it to most of the gigs.

“She’s young and her music is loved across Mzansi. She must deal with her fear of flying to make more money.

“Music is one game that needs one to make as much money as possible.”

Another source claimed: “At some point she had two gigs in Durban and one in Jozi. She had to drive back and forth to cover those gigs.

“Accidents happen. It’ll be good for her to just get used to the aeroplane to avoid unnecessary accidents.”

Both Mamphintsha and Babes Wodumo were not available for comment.

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September 26, 2016

Uzalo To Boot Top Actors Over Tension

Thandeka Dawn King
THE SITUATION is rumoured to be tense at the controversial SABC telenovela, Uzalo.

Insiders claim actors have been told some of them won’t be part of Season Three of the soapie – because of their stinking attitude.

Sources close to the telenovela claimed some actors won’t make it to the third season.

They are allegedly Thandeka Dawn King, who plays Lindiwe Xulu, Naymaps Maphalala, who plays Mxolisi, and Ntokozo Dlamini, who plays Mastermind.

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Sources claimed Thandeka was dropped as she misses shoots due to her music career. They also said Naymaps thinks he’s better than everyone else because of his role.

“Thandeka always has excuses for not coming to the set because of her music commitments. She inconveniences the shoot. She’d ask for days off so she can fulfil her music dreams. At first, producers had no problem with it, but they’re fed up,” a source said.

Another source claimed Naymaps has become big-headed.

“He comes late and thinks he can get away with it. He He sometimes isolates himself thinking other actors will come to him and greet.thinks he’s important,” said the source.

The sources claimed the actors will be replaced after auditions were held in Joburg.

A third mole said: “When the actors heard Thandeka and Naymaps may be booted, they were shaken. If a character like Thandeka gets fired, it means GC (Khaya Dladla) can be fired too. It’s tough.”

Thandeka refused to comment, saying: “I don’t want to comment on something I don’t know about.”

Naymaps also refused to comment on the allegations. He referred the SunTeam to Uzalo’s publicist.

“Sorry, I can’t comment on this,” he said.

Ntokozo was not available for comment.

Uzalo’s spokeswoman Marang Setshwaelo said: no one has been let go as the season three script is still a blank slate.“Production has wrapped up season two and will start fleshing out the storyline and characters for season three.”

She said Uzalo has auditioned fresh KZN talent, as per eThekwini Municipality, which funds the soapie with millions of rands.

Marang said: “We’ll announce the storyline and characters when the new season starts.”

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War During Mandoza Burial

Preparations for the funeral of kwaito megastar Mandoza were almost thrown into disarray when two funeral parlours had a tug-of- war over the body of the artist.

Mzansi Mirror can reveal that B3 Funeral Services and Maziya Funeral Services jostled to bury the body of the superstar in a desperate bid to amass mileage and free advertising.

B3 Funeral Services, who are also sponsors of PSL club Bloemfontein Celtic, came out of the tussle with a bloodied nose thanks to producer, actor and record label boss Tshepo Nzimande, who egged on Maziya to clinch the deal.

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Mandoza, who died of a brain tumour on Sunday last week, was buried by Maziya Funeral Services at Westpark Cemetery Park on Friday.

The funeral parlour's owner Mothusi Maziya confirmed Mandoza's family acquired his services to bury the award-winning singer. "I'm very close to Mandoza's mother. She is my family. We are cousins. I don't want to comment about the other matter, speak to the family," he said.

Mandoza's uncle Muziwakhe Tshabalala confirmed they rejected B3's request to bury Mandoza.

He also confirmed they sneezed at suggestions from other quarters for B3 to join forces with Maziya.
"Maziya is family. Everything here is done by family. We told B3 representatives that we are happy with Maziya burying our son," he said.

Asked if it was true that they rejected B3's proposal to join forces with Maziya, Tshabalala said: "We didn't want it that way. We didn't see it that way."

B3's representative Nico Matsepe confirmed the Tshabalala family turned down their request to bury Mandoza.

"If I come to you and sell you a coffin, and you say, 'No, I want to support my cousin', what do you do?" he asked.

Matsepe downplayed allegations they would have harvested mileage and free publicity if the family had allowed them to bury the artist.

"I'm not in a position to predict, but to us, that is not an issue," he said.

Nzimande, who owns Nzimande Funeral Services, said he was happy Maziya secured the deal to bury Mandoza.

"Maziya is my mentor and I'm happy that they handled the funeral very well. B3 cannot always monopolise. They must give developing parlours an opportunity to expose themselves," he said.

News of the war between the two companies was brought to the fore by one of Mandoza's close friends.

The friend, who did not want to be named, said Nzimande went bonkers when he learnt representatives from B3 were nuzzling the family to give them permission to bury the Nkalakatha hitmaker free of charge.

"He went there and told the family that Mandoza was his colleague in the music industry and that it would only be fair that he buries him. He said B3 only wanted to bury Mandoza because it was a publicity coup for them. He convinced the family to allow Maziya to bury Mandoza as he works closely with them," said the friend.

READ: Black Coffee Slaps AKA's Road Manager At iRock Festival In Polokwane


September 25, 2016

VIDEO: Black Coffee Slaps AKA's Road Manager At The iRock Festival In Polokwane

AKA has been more famous with drama and stunts more than his music lately. He came into the industry as a rapper/musician but now he is popular for his dramatic twits and arrogance.

Apparently last night he didn't perform at the DSTV IROCK LIMPOPO which is held annually at the Polokwane rugby field.

A source revealed to us that the most humble and respected Dj smacked AKA's road manager. We still have a lot of unanswered questions such as "why would Black Coffee smack AKA's manager".

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But if the manager is anything like his client 'AKA' Mr baddest then Black Coffee should have maybe

The show still went on just fine even without AKA's performance although his fans felt cheated and were very unhappy that he didn't perform.

As usual AKA once again ran to twitter to rant about this. On one of his tweets he told his fans to seek answers as to why he didn't perform from DSTV and Black Coffee.

Watch the video below as Black Coffee SLAPS AKA's road manager:

AKA's Road Manager, Black Coffee, sound engineers are seen talking, it didn't look like much of an angry or disrespectful conversation.

Black Coffee is then seen slapping the Road manager to which the Road manager didn't try fighting back instead he looked like he wanted to explain himself.

READ: Touching As Somizi Mhlongo Shares His Last Momemts With Mandoza


Touching: Somizi Mhlongo Shares His Last Moments With Mandoza

The tragic passing of Mandoza has seen fans and celebs paying their respects to the Kwaito legend, with many disclosing fond memories they shared with the star. 

Among the stars expressing their heartfelt condolences to the family was TV personality Somizi.

After hearing of the passing of Mandoza, Somizi shared a touching message on his Instagram account, describing his last moments with the star.

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"THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT. My heart is in such pain. Went to visit him last week at his home. His excitement was like a child seeing sweets. We laughed we spoke about spirituality.

About God. We jokes about almost everything. Including his blindness" he wrote.

The choreographer went on to say how Mandoza promised him that "his soul was happy".

He ended the message with a note to Mandoza's wife, Mpho. "To Mpho: u were a perfect example of what through thick and thin means. Rip Mdu."

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Baleka Mbete Marries The Love Of Her Life 'Nape Khomo' On Her Birthday

National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete married businessman Nape Khomo in a private ceremony on her birthday in the Eastern Cape on Saturday.

''She looked beautiful in a formal suit,'' said her brother Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mphakama Mbete.

Mbete chose to get married at a place close to her heart - her father's home in Mqanduli.

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Not too many people were let in on the closely guarded secret, but rumours of a wedding started surfacing on Twitter on Friday night.

By Saturday, the Twitterati were on to them after Daily Despatch appeared to have snagged one of the coveted invites and posted pictures of the happy couple.

Mbete opted for soft pastels and a turban, with Khomo going for an afternoon suit.

See more photos below:
READ: DJ Zinhle Shows What AKA Is Missing With Her New Jaw-Dropping Looks [Photos]


September 24, 2016

DJ Zinhle Shows What AKA Is Missing With Her New Jaw-Dropping Looks [Photos]

From being the new kid on the block to becoming one of the most talked about local celebs in Mzansi, we’ve watched DJ Zinhle blossom from a pretty little bud into a gorgeous rose over the past few years.

Well for most of 2016, the mother of one has had a gorgeous short and blonde hairstyle but now she has a brand one.

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Obviously it's not just about the hairstyle alone, that's why we insist that AKA is missing something special here.

See more photos below:

A photo posted by ZINHLE JIYANE (@djzinhle) on

A photo posted by ZINHLE JIYANE (@djzinhle) on

READ: Euphonik - "I Have A Lot Of Dirt On Bonang"


September 23, 2016

Euphonik - "I Have A Lot Of Dirt On Bonang"

House musician Euphonik took the hot seat with Anele Mdoda on Real Talk where he held nothing back.

During the revealing interview Euphonik opened up about his passion for music, his family and his controversial relationships.

Bonang and Euphonik's romance has hogged headlines for years with the House Music musician labelling their relationship 'toxic' in the past.

Euphonik and B who were once Mzansi's 'it' couple found their romance unravelling in the public eye with Bonang laying assault charges against the DJ in 2012.

The charges were later dropped but the debacle continues to follow Euphonik even in the recent past, despite Euphonik rubbishing the claims on numerous occasions.

Speaking to Anele, Euphonik said that his relationship is over and he wishes everyone would move on from it.

Taking a trip down memory lane Euphonik told Anele how they met, and what made him decide to end things.

"Alot of people don't know this but I used to organise these student parties and she used to be our door girl but  she was ambitious about getting onto TV. Then we started hanging out in 2007/2008 and before we knew it we were in a relationship.  When you're in an industry and there's someone who understands the industry and understands you. It's comfort," Euphonik said.

Anele went on to ask if they had discussed the issue of privacy in their romance especially during the turbulent times.

"I'm not a law enforcement agent but I always made it clear as to what I liked, and didn't like. I was also up and coming and didn't know how to deal with it all," Euphonik added.

Euphonik went on to explain that he realised that their relationship wasn't working when he asked himself important questions and the answer was negative.

"I knew it wasn't working when it started to affect me and my thought process. You know as a guy you ask yourself questions like would you give this woman your surname, do you want her to have your kids, do you see yourself spending the rest of your life with her, and when the answer is no, it isn't working," he said.

Before wrapping up on that topic because Euphonik says he just wants people to get over it- Anele asked him if they had dirt on each other.

"She has no dirt on me because I have played it very cleverly but I have a lot of dirt on her, definitely. I'm just saying," Euphonik said laughing.

He went on to explain that he's naturally a very "tactical" person and has learnt to always protect himself.

Despite everything that they've been through Euphonik said that their relationship was a choice that they both made.

"I chose her, she chose me, so it was a choice that I made," he added.


Somizi And Euphonik Gang Up Against Bonang Matheba

A slew of Twitter users are accusing Euphonik of being a "bitter ex" following his comments he made about his ex Bonang Matheba.

This comes after Euphonik's interview on Monday evening with Siyabonga Ngwekazi on Vuzu TV’s The Cover, where he opened up about his failed romance with Bonang.

Among many other things, the radio personality and DJ, once again, asserted that his ex is 'crazy'. He has previously referred to her as 'hlanyos,' meaning 'a crazy person'.

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"I was with Bonang for seven years, and she's gotten up to a lot of nonsense, and I've kept quiet about it," he said.

"She is (crazy). In my opinion. Where I come from. From where I'm standing."

Euphonik further revealed that he could easily have Bonang back if he wanted to.

"You cannot date someone for seven years and not know how to get them back."

His comments were followed by a slew of backlash from Twitter users, including Ntsiki Mazwai, who accused him of being a "bitter ex".
READ: Actor Tumisho Masha Released On Bail After Being Charged With Assault


September 22, 2016

Actor Tumisho Masha Released On Bail After Being Charged With Assault

Police have confirmed to TMG Entertainment that well-known actor Tumisho Masha has been released on bail of R1‚000 and will appear in court next month‚ following his arrest last Thursday on charges of assault.

Gauteng police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo confirmed to TMG Entertainment that the star was released on bail after his arrest and appearance in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court last Friday.

“Tumisho Masha‚ 41 years old‚ was arrested on September 15 2016 and released on R1‚000 bail‚” an official statement from Mavela read.

It is alleged that the actor had assaulted his wife at the couple’s home on July 20 (Read More On That Here). His wife then applied for a protection order against him at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court‚ which was granted on the same day.

According to officials‚ Tumisho’s wife visited the Douglasdale police station on September 14 to lay a charge of assault against the actor‚ one day before he was set to appear in court for an enquiry into the protection order.

He was arrested the following day at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on a charge of assault‚ and made an appearance on the charge the next day.

His case has since been remanded until October 10.

Tumisho took to Instagram last week to open up about living as a celebrity and making mistakes.

“Just because I’m a celebrity doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes. Just coz (because) I’m on tv doesn’t mean I’m not real and just coz (because) I’m smiling doesn’t mean I don’t hurt‚” he wrote.


Drunk Mzekezeke ‘DJ Sbu’ Beaten Badly For Causing Trouble In VIP Section

THE Major League Gardens Spring Party ended badly for Mzekezeke on Saturday.

The event, held at the FNB Stadium in Joburg, was attended by thousands of music fans.

Things turned ugly when controversial kwaito musician Mzekezeke was moered by security guards after allegedly klapping one of them.

According to a source, Mzekezeke was at the event to perform but allegedly ended up causing trouble in the VIP section.

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“He kept making nasty comments to DJ Warras and eventually guards tried to take him outside, but he pushed one of them and gave the other one a hot klap. That was when all hell broke loose,” claimed the source. Apparently Mzekezeke was drunk and didn’t want to listen to reason.

“It was during the fight that his balaclava came off and everyone saw that Mzekezeke was DJ Sbu! It was sad to see him being kicked like a dog until paramedics took him away,” claimed the source.
DJ Sbu being taken by security personnel after being assaulted
DJ Sbu has not been on air on his Vuma FM radio show since Monday and Zola has been standing in for him.

Vuma FM marketing manager Tee van Heerden said: “We don’t have any comment on the alleged incident but we can confirm that Zola will be standing in for DJ Sbu.”

She said DJ Sbu will be back on air today.

Bandile Mbere, an organiser of Major League Gardens, refused to comment and referred the SunTeam to a guy only known as Sipho.

Sipho, who was a security manager at the venue, said three security companies were hired for the event. He wouldn’t comment further.

DJ Warras didn’t answer his phone and DJ Sbu’s phone was off.

READ: Meet Man 'Arun Raikar' Who Has Magnetism In His Body


Meet Man 'Arun Raikar' Who Has Magnetism In His Body

MOST PEOPLE do not mind being considered attractive. . .

But Arun Raikar has a magnetism of a different kind – metal objects literally stick to him!

Arun only realised in April that spoons and nails were sticking to him – but was recently recorded walking around with two irons on his chest, which both weighed more than 5kg each! According to Daily Mail, the magnetic force in his body is so strong that small iron items cling to him when he walks past them.

His magnetic powers are spread across certain parts of his body, such as his chest, stomach and back.

Arun, from Madya Pradesh in India, has now been asked to submit a video of his ability to the Limca Book of Records, India’s version of the Guinness Book of World Records.

READ: AKA Throws Fan's Cellphone, Offers Them DAGGA Instead, After Fan Tried To Take Selfie With Unsober Bonang


AKA Throws Fan's Cellphone, Offers Them DAGGA Instead, After Fan Tried To Take Selfie With Unsober Bonang

It seems trouble never stops following rapper AKA also known as 'Super Mega'. 

On Tuesday night, Twitter user Lahloza took to social media to share some 'not so pretty' allegations about the rapper, his manager Tebello Motsoane and current girlfriend, Bonang Matheba.  

In a series of tweets, Lahloza publicly made claims about an ugly incident that allegedly took place on Saturday night at AKA's live show in Cape Town.

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The alleged incident began when a fan, Thando, tried to take a selfie with Bonang, who apparently looked "zoned out". Trying to protect Bonang's reputation, AKA allegedly grabbed the Samsung S7 and chucked it into the crowd.

According to Lahloza: "AKA threw a fan's cellphone into the crowd and offered them dagga upon realizing he was in the wrong.'

AKA allegedly sent an e-wallet of R2000 to Lahloza to compensate Thando for her lost phone - even though it would cost about R10 000 to replace!

None of these claims have been verified by AKA and his management, nor have they been verified by Bonang.

READ: AKA Buys Girlfriend Bonang Matheba An Expensive Gift

Below are the tweets: 
READ: Dying Mandoza Held By His Mum After Ambulance Refused To Come Despite Being Called Multiple Times


September 21, 2016

Dying Mandoza Held By His Mum After Ambulance Refused To Come Despite Being Called Multiple Times

AFTER hours of waiting for an ambulance, Mandoza’s manager arrived and rushed him to hospital. 
But it was too late. By the time they arrived at the hospital, Mandoza was no longer responding to their calls.


Mandoza’s wife, Mpho, apparently made many phone calls for an ambulance when she realised that her husband was not well. But it never came.

Family spokesman Mzwakhe Tshabalala confirmed that an ambulance did not arrive and as a result they had to use personal transport to rush the kwaito star to hospital.

When Mandoza’s manager, Kevin Ntaopane arrived at the house in Pimville Zone 4, Soweto on Sunday afternoon they rushed him to Lesedi Hospital – but it was too late! 

“My uncle was driving.

“Mandoza was lying across his mother and me,” said a tearful and emotional Kevin.

“Minutes before we arrived at the hospital, he was no longer responding to us. He died in our arms.”

Kevin said they had to put Mandoza’s mother in a wheelchair, as she was heartbroken. 

“She was so shocked, my uncle had to take her home,” he said.

Kevin said Mandoza was more than just a friend or a business associate: “I took him as a brother.”

He said Mandoza was supposed to be performing in a tribute show on Saturday for Brown Dash, his colleague from the group Chiskop.

“But now it is time for Mandoza’s funeral,” said Kevin.

On Monday friends, family, politicians, neighbours and music fans flocked to the house.

Mandoza’s son, Sibusiso Tshaba-lala (16), said his dad was his best friend. 

“He wanted me to be a soccer player and I always worked hard on the soccer field to be the best,” he said.

Sibusiso said he also rapped and wanted to be a music icon like his father.

Mandoza’s uncle, Mzwakhe, said Mandoza was a man who loved his family.

“He was always close to his mum, his wife and kids. It is a blow for us as a family,” he said.

Siphiwe “General” Sibisi, who started the Chiskop group with Mandoza, said the singer had united the country.

“People of all races loved him and danced to his music. 

“We travelled to many African and overseas countries where they also danced to and loved his music,” he said.

Sama chairman Thobela Dlamini said Mandoza contributed hugely to the music industry. 

The ANC’s Zizi Kodwa said: “We have lost a legend‚ someone who was a unifying figure.

“His music was enjoyed by young and old across all races.”

The kwaito legend bravely performed last weekend in the Thank You SABC Concert. His funeral will take place on Friday.

Source: Daily Sun

Robert Marawa's Baby Mama Joins Generations: The Legacy

Actress and singer Zoe Mthiyane is picking up the pieces after her much-publicised split from her Lion King producer and composer fiancé Lebo M.

The seasoned entertainer has been cast to join the popular SABC1 soapie Generations: The Legacy and is expected to grace the small screen in two months' time.

Although sources close to the Mfundi Vundla-created soapie at the SABC's Auckland Park Henley Studios said Mthiyane was being cast to replace the famous Karabo Moroka, this was denied by publicist Gaaratwe Mokhethi.

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"I can confirm Zoe Mthiyane is joining Generations: The Legacy but no, she is not taking over as Karabo Moroka - her character name is Zitha," said Mokhethi.

"She is coming on to play an independent character, her permanent stay will be determined by Zitha's growth, how she connects with other roles and fits into the storyline.

"I cannot say much because she will only be appearing in December. Only time will tell if her role holds and much will have happened then," said Mokhethi.

Karabo, portrayed by the renowned Connie Ferguson, went abroad to recuperate after experiencing a nervous breakdown, according to the storyline.

Ferguson's character played a pivotal role in the soapie as the matriarchal pillar of the Moroka family legacy.

Mthiyane did not respond to calls and SMSes sent to her for comment.

Mthiyane and Lebo M, real name Lebohang Morake, met and worked together on the internationally acclaimed musical The Lion King in 2007. At the time, Mthiyane was cast as Sarabi and the musical was hosted in South Africa as part of its 10-year anniversary.

Before the news of the celebrated couple going their separate ways broke in May, they got engaged during a private family holiday in Cape Town last December.

The engagement was sealed after Lebo M presented Mthiyane with a huge custom-designed diamond ring.

The split became social media fodder when Lebo M revealed that the couple failed to agree on terms of their prenuptial agreement.

Mthiyane has two children, a son with sports presenter Robert Marawa and a daughter, sired by Lebo M.

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Letshego Zulu Makes Returns To Mount Kilimanjaro To Honour The Late Gugu

Gugu Zulu’s widow Letshego returned to Mount Kilimanjaro this past weekend to honour her husband on the two-month anniversary of his death.

Gugu and Letshego were part of a Trek4Mandela expedition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro‚ to raise funds for sanitary pads for impoverished school girls.

The late racing car driver had altitude sickness‚ which led to his untimely death.

Taking to social media on Sunday‚ Letshego shared a picture of herself dressed in her husband’s favourite colour‚ blue‚ at the base of Mount Kili.

“Commemorated 2 months since Gugz passing with a special memorial church service in Marangu this morning. Still I smile at the beautiful memories of my husband‚” she said.

Over the past two months Letshego has poured her heart out about continuing her husband’s legacy‚ saying that she will one day summit Mount Kilimanjaro in his honour.


Trevor Noah To Host 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs)

Stand-up comic and host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” Trevor Noah is heading home to host the sixth edition of the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) in Johannesburg.

In a statement confirming his role‚ Noah commented: “I’m a huge fan of African music and achievement‚ and it’s going to be a massive pleasure celebrating them both at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2016 in my own home town of Johannesburg.”

Alex Okosi‚ Senior Vice President & Managing Director of Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN Africa)‚ explained why the comedian was selected as host.

“Trevor Noah is an outstanding entertainer‚ and testament to the amazing talent that Africa has to offer the world. To have him host the MAMA‚ our annual celebration of Africa music‚ creativity and achievement‚ is a powerful and inspiring message. We are delighted that our first ever show in Johannesburg will be presented by one of the city’s most loved and admired personalities.”

Noah will preside over the live 2-hour telecast at the Dome on 22 October 2016 in front of an expected 15‚000 fans‚ according to the organisers.

The line-up of confirmed performers include Cassper Nyovest‚ Alikiba‚ Babes Woduma‚ Nasty C‚ Ycee and Yemi Alade. Further performers are to be announced shortly.

Tickets for the award show are on sale now‚ priced at R250 (standing only) at‚ and at Ticketpro retail outlets or dealers. Over 18s only.

The MTV Africa Music Awards will broadcast live on MTV Base and MTV on Saturday 22 October at 21:00 CAT. The show will also be transmitted worldwide on partner stations and content platforms from October onwards‚ while MTV channels around the world will broadcast a one-hour MAMA-themed MTV World Stage.


Isidingo: Lerato And Sechaba's Sotho/Tswana Wedding [Photos]

But the road to the alter has not been a smooth ride for the TV power-couple. They have survived cancer, infidelity and their recent infertility woes.

Over the Heritage Weekend, the popular SABC 3 soapie will stage a two-day Tswana/Sotho traditional wedding on Friday, 23 September and Monday 26 September.

The episodes were filmed on location at the Christiana All Seasons Resort in North West Province in June.

"I prefer working on location. It's more stimulus, it doesn't get boring or monotonous like being in a studio," Sebopedi says.

Isidingo costume designer Julie Palmer made sure that the bride and groom looked the part with two bright, vibrant and colourful looks that incorporated both the Sotho and Tswana culture.

For Sebopedi, her favourite ensemble was the printed crimson dress she donned.

"I loved the red dress. Firstly, because the design followed more of a Western design, but at the same time beautifully incorporate traditional wear with a head wrap and beads. The dress fitted my body like a glove and red is one of my favourite colours," Sebopedi points out.

Ousted Generations actress Sophie Ndaba makes a guest appearance as Lerato's meddling mother Nkadimeng. Ferry Jele also makes an cameo as Sechaba's estranged mother just to shake things up.

"It wasn't enough working with Sophie, I wish we could have worked together some more. I loved working with her and I love her even more as a person. She is great, it was time well spent," Sebopedi expresses.

See more photos below:
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Source: SundayWorld